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A wide range of rope and netting for use in sea based fish farming. 

van Beelen fish farm nets

Sea farming

We supply netting and rope to several international aquaculture suppliers. With our material, whether it is knotted HDPE, nylon or Dyneema® netting, they construct net cages. Also, we developed several specialised ropes from polyester, nylon and mixed materials to be used as frame ropes and in mooring systems.

Van Beelen Group specialises in the strong D3 and D16 netting from Dyneema®. Becuase of the strength and the lower surface area, lifetime and water quality are increased. 

D3 and D16 Netting have proven their worth in the use of bird and predator netting.

nets (cage nets) 

  • tow nets
  • grow nets (cage nets) 
  • predator netting
  • frame ropes
  • mooring lines
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