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Pelagic trawling

Van Beelen develops rope and netting specifically for pelagic trawling. To help build and efficient and low drag trawls. 

Pelagic Fishing

Pelagic fish live in the pelagic zone of ocean or lake waters: neither close to the bottom nor near the shore. Pelagic fish shoals are located with the help of echo-sounding equipment. From the echogram it is possible to estimate the depth and the size of the shoal. The net is towed behind the ship just below the water surface or further down the water column (mid-water), but does not reach the sea bed.

Pelagic fishing gear is constantly undergoing further improvements to ensure a responsible fishery through better selectivity. Special measures and aids – such as large mesh sizes in the front part of the net – are being developed to prevent the catch of un-wanted species or undersized juvenile fish.


  • Front section
  • Belly
  • Codend


  • Sweeps and Bridles
  • Trawl warps
  • Frame ropes
  • Lifelines

We work closely with our customers, netmakers from around the world, to build efficient low drag nets that are easy to use.

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