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Demersal fishing

We produce netting and rope for both inshore and offshore ground trawling.

For both types of demersal fishing we have developed a special double knotted and heatset netting from Dyneema®. 

van Beelen ground trawls

Inshore ground trawling

We keep in close contact with netmakers, skippers and owners. This way we can react to new developments quickly and keep innovating our products. 

In a reaction to new EU regulation controlling cod-end mesh size with the Omega Meter we invested in new machines. New technology helps us make cod ends of precise and very constant mesh size. Together with our customers we predict the shrinking behaviour of the netting.

For electrical fishing 'Puls Fishing', we have a program with strong materials that help reduce fuel use even more.

  • Twinrig & quadrig
  • Flyshoot
  • Beam trawling
  • 'Puls' trawling

Offshore ground trawling

We deliver netting and rope for offshore ground trawls worldwide. This covers a range of vessels: 350hp - 6000hp (260kw - 4478kw), and many species of (deep water) fish. Here too, we work closely with local netmakers and fishing companies. 

Since the '90s we have been developing netting from Dyneema®. And in this fishery, fuel savings with double knotted D3 and D16 Dyneema® netting reduces fuel use with 10% up to 45%.

  • Deep water Twinrig trawls
  • Deep water Single net trawls
  • Deep water Wing trawls
  • Deep water scampi en squid trawls

In our delivery program:

  • Cod end netting and codline
  • Upper and lower panel netting
  • Headline
  • Fishing line
  • Sweeps and bridles
  • D12 trawl warps, with Dyneema®
  • Lifeline
  • Twine
  • Hardware
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