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Tug Assist

Tug lines and tug pendants are among the most demanding applications of our ropes. Especially for the Tug and Salvage operators that are innovating, and that replace their steel wires by synthetic material, we have developend custom designed products.


Towing pendants in different configurations: 

  • roundsling (grommet) - complete with chafe protection
  • single leg sling - complete with chafe protection

Both types of pendant configuration can be built from different types of rope. Pendants are offered with a heavy duty chafe protection.

For service in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we can refer you to: International Maritime Equipments.

Main Towing Line

Do you need advice about the best choice of synthetic towing line? Contact us and ask for our polyester: MASTERLINE and Dyneema®: D12 PRO towing lines. We would also like to tell you more about different chafe protection sleeves. 

Emergency Towing System

A complete Emergency Towing kit for vessels of 20-50.000 DWT and over 50.000 DWT.

Dyneema® Emergency Towing System

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