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Yachting ropes

D12 with Dyneema in Sailing

By now, ropes with Dyneema® are a proven product in sailing. From weekend amateur yachtsmen to open-ocean racers and Olympic teams, benefits of using this material are obvious.

VB Race Dyneema yachting rope van Beelen

  • very high strength-to-weight ratio
  • does not absorb water
  • light, and flexible: easy to handle
  • last longer than ropes made with conventional material

VB Race yachting rope

Using ropes with Dyneema®, running rigging can be designed to be lighter and less bulky. Where high strength is necessary, rope design can be optimalised to increase performance and safety under all weather conditions. 

For racing yachts, new solutions for standing rigging are available. 

For Superyachts, we have a custom designed range of higher diameter ropes.

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