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D3, with Dyneema®

Twisted netting

Specialists in netting, with Dyneema® 

spec. gravity0.97
melting temperature150 ºC
max. elongation4%

Super strong, double knotted netting

This netting -three times as strong as nylon- is successfully used for many different purposes, such as: (bottom and pelagic) trawls,  aquaculture, building industry netting, and defense products.  

D16 netting (braided) and D3 netting twisted, made with Dyneema® have, since the 1990s, become an important part of our production. 

D3 twisted netting, with Dyneema®

We manufacture twisted D3 netting in different types of Dyneema®, in the standard SK62 and SK75, and since 2013 also in the strongest available synthetic fibre: SK99. To learn more about D3 SK99, please contact us.

Den. nr. - Diam. [mm]
Weight [m/kg]
Av. Breakload [kg]
SK75210/18 (no. 35 - 0.9225095
SK62210/23 (no.30) - 1.01700106
SK75210/23 (no.30) - 1.01700128
SK62210/36 (no. 20) - 1.31130122
SK75210/36 (no. 20) - 1.31130150
SK62210/46 (no.18) - 1.5850153
SK75210/46 (no.18) - 1.5850190
SK75210/72 (no. 13) - 1.9330340
SK75210/80 (no. 10) - 2.1260420

D3 netting can be produced in white, 'gold', grey or black Powercoat. The netting has a higher abraision resistance than nylon.

We produce D3 netting twines with double twisting machines with equal tension in all yarns, giving the netting the highest breaking strength in the

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