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In our delivery program:


  • Thimbles and rigging screws

Blue painted, Galvanised, Stainless steel, w/Tube, heavy duty w/Gusset, Round/Egg thimbles

  • Shackles

Green pin, Blue pin, Crosby

  • Blocks, pins and sheaves

Galvinised, Blue painted, Snatch blocks, Roller bearing, Trawl blocks, Fairlead blocks, nylon sheave, Stainless steel

  • Hooks, safety hooks and master links (Gunnebo)

We can supply our rope with terminations.

Or we can just advise on the correct product for an application and deliver hardware separately.

  • Links and carabine hooks

Galvanised, Stainless steel, quick links, Lock screw, split links

  • Chains and connectors (Gunnebo)

Alloy steel, stainless steel

  • Swivels

Steel, Stainless steel, w/Ring, w/Hook, ball bearing swivels

  • Rings

(Fishing) equipment

  • Netting needles
  • Splicing equipment
  • Knives
  • Floats, plastic bobbins, cod end rings
  • Rubber discs (‘cookies’)
  • Heavy duty Rockhopper discs
  • Protective hoses, shrinkhoses and webbing for rope

Gunnebo safety hook - van Beelen

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