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Braided Polyester netting

Safe, reliable netting that helps reduce cost and still catches more

Polyester Supercatch netting is made from the high quality, high tenacity Diolen® Polyester. Supercatch Polyester is capable of replacing Nylon and Polyethylene in nets and ropes. At the same weight per meter it is much stronger than conventional polyesters and even stronger than Nylon. Benefits are less drag, and a lower costs than Nylon.

Since Polyester Supercatch netting also reduces towing-resistance, it is often used in combination with D16 netting, made with Dyneema®: D16 netting in the top panels of trawls and the lower cost Supercatch netting in the lower side, more vulnerable to loss or damage.

max. elongation16%
spec. gravity1.38
smelt temperatuur260 ºC

Van Beelen produces Polyester ‘Supercatch’ braided netting in many twine sizes. The netting can be produced as single, double and or even as triple twine netting.

 Diam. [mm]
runnage [m/kg] 
linear breakload [kg] 
3.5 105520 
5.0 65882 

Van Beelen has been producing netting and ropes from Diolen® Polyester since it was first introduced as a ‘Development fibre’, in the 1990s. After testing in our laboratory and during trials at sea, we came to the conclusion that this was truly a strong and stable Polyester.

Extensive use in cod-ends for many years, proves that Supercatch Netting does not shrink.

Cold water has no effect on Polyester Supercatch so it can be regarded as a very stable material.

Van Beelen Group also uses Diolen® Polyester in braided and twisted Poyester twines and ropes.

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