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Enkalon® PL

Designed for pelagic trawls

van Beelen nets and netting Gouderak IJmuiden

max. elongation30%
spec. gravity1.14 
melting temperature215-220 ºC

Enkalon® quality

Enkalon® PL is designed especially for Pelagic Fishing, where its use has been proven. PL Netting has very high elasticity and 10 % higher knot strength than other nylon netting in the industry.

Mesh sizes from 2 cm full mesh up to unlimited.

Because of the higher knot strength smaller diameters can be used, resulting in fuel savings of 20-30%. Per trip this amounts to saving thousands of liters.

 Diam. [mm]
runnage [m/kg] 
linear breakload [kg] 
knot breakload [kg] 
2.0 315 210 272
2.7 182343 430 
3.0 152396 493 
3.5 125482 597 
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