Supercatch Twine

High tenacity Polyester twine

Polyester Supercatch is made from high tenacity Diolen® Polyester. This type of Polyester can be used to replace Nylon and Polyethylene net panels.  It is about 15% stronger than conventional Polyester and 10% stronger than Nylon.

Braided Polyester Supercatch twine is moslty used as netting twine for Supercatch netting. 

max. elongation 16%
spec. gravity 1.38 
melting temperature 260 ºC

Van Beelen Group has been manufacturing Supercatch twine and netting since Diolen® Polyester was introduced as ‘Development fiber’, in 1990s. 

 Diam. [mm]
runnage [m/kg] 
linear breakload [kg] 
2.5 185 325
3.0 130 422
3.5  105 520 
4.0 82 638 
5.0  65 882 
6.0 50 1050
8.0 31 1780

Extensive use in cod-ends for many years, proves that Supercatch Netting does not shrink.

Cold water has no effect on Polyester Supercatch so it can be regarded as a very stable material.

Van Beelen Group also uses Diolen® Polyester in braided and twisted Poyester twines and ropes