Powerblue and Powergreen

High strength braided Polyethylene netting

Our Powerblue and Powergreen nets find their way all over the world. In the Dutch Fisheries the are used as tough abrasion resistant cod-ends.

Abroad, Powerblue is used in roundfish trawls on slipway trawlers, where often large 150 tonne catches are hauled in one go.

For industrial purposes and for sports netting, we produce a sreies of lighter Powergeen and Powerblack Polyethylene netting. 

Shrinkage is braught to a minimum due to a long developed manufacturing and heatset process. 

max. elongation 10 %
spec. gravity 0.95
smelt temperatuur 130 ºC

Braided Powerblue and Powergreen Polyethylene netting has a very high abrasion resistance, and has longer life than regular polyethylene netting on the market.


 Diam. [mm]
runnage [m/kg] 
linear breakload [kg] 
3 220 140
4 140 232
5 90 310 
80 400 


 Diam. [mm]
runnage [m/kg] 
linear breakload [kg] 
3.5 232 145
4.5 168 195
5.5 95 293