About van Beelen

Since 1906

Van Beelen Group is a family owned company. We produce netting and rope at two locations:

  • Gouderak - Rotterdam area
  • IJmuiden - Amsterdam area

The trade in netting and rope was started by J. van Beelen in 1906. Production followed almost immediately by a cooperation with rope manufacturers Mudde in the town of Gouderak. This cooperation developed into full ownership by van Beelen, accompanied with investments in rope and netting machines.

Continuous investment in new fiber-, coating- and heatset technology made the company into a leading rope and netting manufacturer.

Relying on skilled staff and automised production, van Beelen supplies a world market from its two locations in the Netherlands, and from stock points in Iceland and New Zealand. 

Our customers trust that they are supplied with reliable and suitable rope and netting products, that help them achieve their goals. How, when or wherever they may need this, and whether they come from the Maritime, Commercial Fishing, Offshore, Lifting, Sports or Defense industry.

We believe we have a responsability to supply sustainable products and to ensure our production and our products do not harm the environment. We are involved in a workgroup to promote initiatives for circular design of plastics, please read more about the CIRCO business track here