Powerblue and Powergreen twine

High tenacity braided polyethylene twine

Onur Polyethylene Powerblue and Powergreen twine is mostly used for making and repairing Powerblue and Powergreen netting, used in the fishing industry worldwide.

van Beelen Powergreen pe netting and twine hdpe

For industrial applications and sports netting we offer a series of lighter Powerblack en Powergreen twine and netting.

max. elongation 10 %
spec. gravity 0.95
melting temperature 130 ºC

When compared to other Polyethylene twine, Powerblue and Powergreen is known for its:

  • high abraision resistance
  • high tenacity
  • long life

Shrinkage is brought back to a minimum because of a specifically developed heatset process.


 Diam. [mm]
runnage [m/kg] 
linear breakload [kg] 
3 220 140
4 140 232
5 90 310 
80 400 


 Diam. [mm]
runnage [m/kg] 
linear breakload [kg] 
3.5 232 145
4.5 168 195
5.5 95 293