Van Beelen Group designs and manufactures twisted, braided, and specialty ropes made from  many different types of synthetic high tenacity yarns and fibres. We specialise in working with Dyneema®.

We work closely with our customers, to modify products to their specific needs. And we are always looking to test and use new materials and production techniques, to improve and innovate our products. 

Dyneema rope

D12 SK78

12 x 1 plaited, with Dyneema®


D12 with overbraided jacket: extra protection.

D12 SK99

The strongest synthetic rope

D12 DM20

A new low creep rope, with Dyneema®

D12 HS

Pre-stretched, with Dyneema®


Terminations in rope


An easy-to-splice rope, made from strong and elastic Enkalon® nylon.

New: HR Stealth, extra firm and stable. Keeps its shape on the net drum: easy handling.

Enkalon® 12

made with Enkalon® high tenacity fibers