D16, with Dyneema®

Braided netting

Specialists in netting, with Dyneema® 

spec. gravity 0.97
melting temperature 150 ºC
max. elongation 4%

Super strong, double knotted netting

This netting -three times as strong as nylon- is successfully used for many different purposes, such as: (bottom and pelagic) trawls,  aquaculture, building industry netting, and defense products.  

D16 netting (braided) and D3 netting twisted, made with Dyneema® have, since the 1990s, become an important part of our production. 

D16 braided netting, with Dyneema®

We manufacture D16 netting in different types of Dyneema®, in the standard SK62 and SK75, and since 2013 also in the strongest available synthetic fibre: SK99.

Diam. [mm]
Weight [m/kg]
Av. Breakload  [kg]
SK65 1.1 1200 160
SK65 1.5 660 300
SK62 2.0 333 500
SK75 2.0 333 665
SK62 2.5 263 600
SK75 2.5 263 740
SK62 3.0 205 840
SK75 3.0 205 1050
SK62 4.0 155 1080
SK75 4.0 155 1350
SK99 1.8 560 400
SK99 2.3 360 800

D16 netting can be produced in white, 'gold', grey or black Powercoat. The netting has a higher abraision resistance than nylon.

Because D16 netting twines are produced on highly accurate braiding machines that ensure equal tension in all yarns, D16 has the highest breaking strength in the industry.