Our main products can be divided in these categories: 

nylon braided ropes


Van Beelen Group designs and manufactures twisted, braided, and specialty ropes made from  many different types of synthetic high tenacity yarns and fibres. We specialise in working with Dyneema®.

We work closely with our customers, to modify products to their specific needs. And we are always looking to test and use new materials and production techniques, to improve and innovate our products. 


Van Beelen Group is a specialist in knotted netting. Nets of many kinds of high tenacity yarns are applied in different markets. Sometimes in large quantities, sometimes in small scale custom designed projects.


In our factory in Gouderak, The Netherlands, we make our own high quality twine . In order to guarantee high quality, we select the raw materials we use with care, and ensure traceability throughout the whole production.

Twine is mostly used to manufacture netting. However an increasing amount finds its way to other applications, sometimes finished with heatset treatment or coating.


In our delivery program:

Custom solutions

On demand design