Lifting slings and assemblies: durable for repeated use

Dyneema Lifting Slings

The strength-to-weight ratio of Rope Lifting Slings from high strength fibers such as Dyneema® makes these slings very suitable for repeated general purpose lifts as well as more complicated engineered lifts. Van Beelen designs, tests and produces:

  • Single Leg Slings
  • Roundslings
  • Rope Slings for engineered lifts
  • Several types of chafe guard

Rope Slings must be selected correctly to meet strength, length and chafe resistance requirements. When they are used within their Work Load Limit (WLL), they can be used safely and reliably for many repetitous lifting jobs. The very light synthetic Rope Slings have many advantages over traditional lifting matertial such as wire rope and chain:

  • Easily placed around the lift payload
  • Quick and precise operations
  • Less damage to the payload
  • Less strain and injuries for operators

Beside Rope Lifting Slings, Van Beelen produces D12 XBO: a 12 strand rope made from Dyneema® XBO. This material was especially developed to be used in durable and efficient crane wire.